The Look…

Thanks a lot to my friend Kunal Gupta who sketched it for me.

I was sitting on a bench at a railway station in Kolkata waiting for my train back home. It was the time of the early dawn and I was returning from my night duty at office. The railway station was completely clam and quiet and except for the early morning small businessmen and hawkers very few people were roaming around.

Suddenly on the opposite side platform, just underneath the half-lighted platform lamp, one young girl appeared, alone – restless and worried for something. She had a medium sized backpack with her and she was looking back and forth to the strangers around. For a young girl like her, to come to a deserted railway platform, alone, during this time of the day was little unusual. Many questions came to my mind as I was looking at her. She saw me looking at her. Once she glanced at me and looked again in few seconds and then again…

We were looking at each other in a very quick succession, perhaps from different perspectives and suddenly, out of nowhere an express train arrived between the two platforms. The train stopped for few minutes and once it passed, she was gone. I stood up and tried to look for her around but she was nowhere.

I couldn’t forget her eyes glancing at me. Perhaps she escaped from her house or simply she was waiting to catch a train. Whatever may be the reason, those glorious eyes, illuminated by the low-wattage platform light, are still fully illuminated in my memory.


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