Arabic Food: The Juicy Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh(tab.bou.leh) is one of the famous Arabic Salads . I absolutely love it. It’s super easy to prepare and the taste is awesome. If a disappointing cook like me can make it, anyone can make it too.

Major ingredients for the salad


-Fresh Parsley Leaves


-Bulgur wheat – wet with water

-Onion – Not Mandatory, use as per your taste

-Extra virgin olive oil – One table spoon

-Lemon – big size


-3-4 long Romaine Lettuce leaves(center ribs) – Not mandatory, but good for decoration and taste

As per your desired quantity, mix the Parsley, Tomato, wet Bulgur and Lemon juice in 10:5:3:3 ratio in a bowl and then add salt and extra virgin olive oil. Your Tabbouleh is ready.

Please refer to the nutritionist for nutritional facts


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