Doha Diary: Al Wakra Family Beach

Doha has been giving me so many things, noteworthy for my life. Hence, in gratitude, in this ‘Doha Diary’ series I would try to portray my beloved city in my own words.

Al Wakra family beach is one of my favorite places in Doha. You have to come straight from Al Corniche Street towards Wakra along the Al Wakra main road. After you cross the Oredoo (earlier known as Qtel Roundabout, named after the Ordeoo telecom office nearby) roundabout and drive straight for around 500 meters you will see another roundabout from where you have to take left and follow the road directions to reach Wakra Family beach.

Please keep in mind that it’s a family beach so only families are allowed. The security staff will have a glance inside your car to confirm your bachelorhood so better to go with another family if you are alone.

Like most of the beaches in Doha, Al Wakra family beach is also clean, calm and good for a day out. Separate toilets/bathrooms are available for men & women. Children play area is also available. I have also seen an ambulance from HMC(Hamad Medical Corporation) always stationed at the beach to take care of your emergency needs. The water is shallow, crystal clear and very good for Kayaking I guess. If you can walk inside the sea approx. 0.8 to 1 Kilometer from the shore, then you can find some white sand areas, sort of super mini islands, popping out of the sea bed. Except during high tides, these places are accessible for sunbath or even good for talking to yourself. I would suggest not to carry any chair or music system with you. Just sit or lie on the white sand, relax and listen to the sea green sound of the sea or the call of the omnipotence may be.



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