Italy: Tuscany: Wine testing tour in Val D’Orcia

Tuscany is one of my most desired travel destinations. My dream came true when I landed in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance.

We stayed in Hotel Silla, located by the side of the Arno river. It was more like a heritage building than a hotel. We chose this hotel because of its strategic location. All the major tourist locations such as Uffizi Gallery, Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, Firenze S.M.N railway station, Palazzo Vecchio, Aqua Flor Firenze and Galleria dell’ Accademia were well connected to this location.

Before I landed in Florence, I sent an email to the hotel mentioning my willingness to go for a wine testing tour in the Tuscany. The hotel in fact acted as an intermediator between the service provider and the customer. I received an email having two tour options to choose from –

1.Wine testing tour in Val D’Orcia i.e. in Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino

2.Wine testing tour in Chianti and San Gimignano

I chose the first one because it was cheaper but in fact I was dying to visit Chinti too but my pocket did not permit.

We started with Montepulcino and tasted the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Extra virgin olive oil in the winery. I bought one bottle of olive oil.

Our next stop was Pienza where along with wine I tasted the local Pecorino cheese; it was awesome.

My last and most memorable visit was in Montalcino where in the name of testing I drank a lot of famous Brunello wine and the mind blowing pork salami truly complemented my drinking. I visited the vineyard and the cave like wine fermentation stores. These caves were used by the nuns during the 2nd world war and later it became the fermentation stores. The temperature inside these caves were ideal for a making a perfect wine. I came to know about the speciality of the cork used in the wine bottle and about the oak barrels used for fermenting & storing wine. The hospitality was superb. I truly enjoyed the tour. They told me that they do not commercialize their products much so as to maintain less production but highest quality. Their wines are not readily available in the market because they deliver directly to the customer, even overseas. So if anyone of you is interested you can contact them directly.

One of the proud Partners of the Winery posing with their biggest available
Brunellowine bottle


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