Goa: Cast Away Cola

Goa has to offer so many attractions to its travellers such as exquisite sea beaches, range of sea foods, live music, vibrant culture and beer, lots and lot of beer, which was the most tempting feature of my last Goa tour, however, when I saw the breath-taking beauty of the Cola Beach for the first time, the charisma completely mesmerized me and I must say that the hangover is still on. 

Have you seen the Tom Hanks’ movie ‘Cast Away’ ? Do you know which beach was the film picturised at? 

Did you say ‘NO’? No worries! I don’t know too. But I am sure that at Cola beach you can live the movie. The beach is absolutely clean, quiet, less crowded and the virgin nature has everything to offer to its visitors. 

Cola Beach, South Goa

Cola beach is located in South Goa. Most of the local Taxi drivers know the place. In fact the last 20-30 minutes of the drive is through the jungle. The Taxi will take you to a hilly spot nearest to the beach and thereafter you have to come down 15-20 steps to reach at the beach. One can even spend a night at the beach which would be truly romantic I guess. There are several huts to spend your night with your soulmate. Just imagine the sound of the waves, thrill of air, silence of the jungle and the passion inside you  completely taking control over you and the milky-soft moonlight showing you the road of love. 

During the rainy season the road to the Cola Beach remains closed. Best time to visit is October-December. If you love Goa, I can guarantee that this place is among the best.



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