A Sample itinerary for your next trip to Italy

The following websites can help you to plan your upcoming Italy trip – 

1. Obviously, GOOGLE, specially for maps and locations ( I bookmarked my hotel, airports, train stations and desired locations on the map, through my google account)

2. https://www.locationscout.net/ – To pin point your photography spots

3. https://www.booking.com & https://trivago.com – For hotel booking

4. https://www.ricksteves.com/europe – Expert guidance for Europe

5. http://www.raileurope.com & http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en – For Train Tickets

6. http://www.ataf.net/en – To know tram & bus routes

7. https://www.viator.com – To book your short guided tours

8. https://www.getyourguide.com – To book guided tours and tickets

9. http://www.navigazionelaghi.it/eng/ – For Lake Como ferry

10. http://www.firenzesantamarianovella.it/en/map/ – For Florence railway station map (Helped me to find the “left luggage” shops). Google more to find out maps for other railway stations)

11. http://www.firenzecard.it/index.php?lang=en – To buy Firenze Card

12. https://www.museumflorence.com/museum – For Duomo Museum ticket booking

13. https://www.florence.net/ – For Uffizi Gallery Ticket booking

14. http://winefolly.com/review/italian-wine-regions-map/ – Italian Wine Map

15. http://www.romapass.it/en/home/ – To buy Roma Pass

The following are the prerequisites to apply for the Italian Schengen Visa –

1) Return Air Ticket

2) Confirmed Hotel Booking

3) Copy of Passports & Qatar Resident Permit

4) Bank Statement for the last six months and a minimum outstanding balance

5) No objection certificate from the employer

6) Travel Insurance (CKGS will assist)

7) Filled-in Application forms (CKGS will assist)

8) Passport sized color photographs (CKGS will assist)

9) Visa Application fees

These documents must be provided to your travel agent or to the Italian Embassy on the date of your appointment. They will take the original passports so as to stamp the visa on it.

Within seven days from the date of our appointment with CKGS, we got our Italian Schengen Visa and the duration of stay was mentioned as 15 (fifteen) days. It doesn’t mean that whoever applies for the Schengen Visa would get validity for 15 days only; Italian Embassy can allow the visa validity for six months from the date of journey.

My Travel Itinerary

By Air (Multi city) – 

Doha, Qatar to Milan and Roma to Doha, Qatar

By train – 

Milan to Lake Como (& coming back)

Milan to Venice (& Coming back)

Milan to Florence

Florence to Pisa (& coming back)

Florence to Napoli

Napoli to Roma

By Car – 

Florence to Tuscany (& coming back)

Napoli to Amalfi Coast (& coming back)

Hope these help!

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