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Wings for 10 days

The Look…

Thanks a lot to my friend Kunal Gupta who sketched it for me. I was sitting on a bench at a railway station in Kolkata waiting for my train back home. It was the time of the early dawn and I was returning from my night duty at office. The railway station was completely clam and quiet and except for […]

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Holi in India: ‘Basanta(Spring) Utsav’ in Shantiniketan

“ওরে গৃহবাসী, খোল দ্বার খোল, লাগল যে দোল…” (Oh home-dwellers, open the door, the Spring has come, the Holi has come) The dawn of the Holi-day in Shantiniketan starts with this song of Rabindranath Tagore who is not only the soul of Shantiniketan but also is one of the greatest poets and writers India has ever had. After so many […]

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‘Shantiniketan, where Rabindranath meets Lalon everyday’

On my way back from Shantiniketan, I saw this tagline at Kolkata airport – ‘Shantiniketan, where Rabindranath meets Lalon everyday’. I was mesmerized by the glorious cultural feel hidden inside this quote rightly advertised by the West Bengal Tourism. Shantiniketan is such a place where the spirit of Lalon Fakir, undoubtedly one of the prominent identities of Bengali Folk (Baul) […]

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A Sample itinerary for your next trip to Italy

The following websites can help you to plan your upcoming Italy trip –  1. Obviously, GOOGLE, specially for maps and locations ( I bookmarked my hotel, airports, train stations and desired locations on the map, through my google account) 2. – To pin point your photography spots 3. & – For hotel booking 4. – Expert guidance for […]

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Arabic Food: The Juicy Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh(tab.bou.leh) is one of the famous Arabic Salads . I absolutely love it. It’s super easy to prepare and the taste is awesome. If a disappointing cook like me can make it, anyone can make it too. Ingredients: -Fresh Parsley Leaves -Tomato -Bulgur wheat – wet with water -Onion – Not Mandatory, use as per your taste -Extra virgin olive oil […]

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